As an expert in the IT support field for over 15+ years we know how technology changes and can help you keep up. We can help your business by first getting to know what your business does and then analyze areas where technology can improve your business process. We can also help support and maintain current systems.


Meet your technological needs with an expert consultant.

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Save More Money and Time

Experienced help lowers your costs for support.

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Network and Server Support

Get networking and security setup and supported.

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Web Design and Marketing

Increase your client base with a modern web design.

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Take Your Business to the next level

PC Link Solutions can assess and help your business meet the demands of your clients through technology. This doesn’t have to be expensive. Many businesses benefit from only a few tweaks to their system that they didn’t know would help.

An example of a tweak would be upgrading your network switch. This makes everyone connect to printers and other resources faster.

What Makes Us Different

We understand business and technology. We can remotely help you or if local visit your site. We know networking, servers, workstations, web design, security cameras, Telephone systems, and Point of Sale systems. Chances are good that we can help your small business meet it’s technology needs.

Improve Productivity and Be More Efficient

We will provide you complete report of your business technology improvement path and where you are currently. It will help you make an informed decision if it’s worth taking the next step now or later. Technology projects can be broken up in to chunks so it’s not all at once.



We come out on site and do a free assessment and consultation to see if our companies would be a good fit for each other.


We monitor your systems 24/7 to ensure that they are up and running. We proactively let you know of issues before they become major problems.


Our USA based help desk operates 24/7 and can remotely help you with most of your needs. If an on site visit is required we can come out and help too.


The better your systems run the better for all of us. We charge a flat rate per month service fee to ensure your systems are working well and you have the support you need.

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