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Virus Removal

Virus removal can help you now, but what about after the virus is removed? We provide internet security through Norton AntivirusMalwarebytes, and Malwarebytes Anti-exploit software. All three provide very good protection against today’s security threats. You also need a router with firewall for protection, plus third party updates to prevent software from being exploited. Contact us to find out more details.


I speed up your computer by cleaning up all the junk that can cause it to be slow. We analyze your system for software you don’t need to startup and optimize performance settings, we also scan for malicious software to make sure nothing is hiding that can cause issues. With our virus removal service we automatically include the speed up your computer service with it to make sure you get the best performance out of your computer.


I recommend using IDrive to backup your computer and phone securely online. The data is encrypted during transfer and stored encrypted online so no one can see it but you. Having a backup protects your pictures, documents, and other data on your computer from being lost forever. It costs under $50 a year for 1TB of storage, which meets most peoples needs. They also have a free 5GB version if you don’t have a lot of stuff but need it backed up.

I am an IT professional with 15+ years experience. I’ve helped 100’s of people through out my career find solutions to their computer problems, including virus removal. I work full time as an IT System Administrator. My day to day tasks include designing and implementing network security, servers, IT systems, and maintaining corporate infrastructure. I enjoy technology and love the work I do. I want to help people on my time off with their computer needs. For virus removal, I use a variety of the latest tools available and make sure you as a consumer are well protected after my work is complete. If you wish to contact me before scheduling to find out more please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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